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Our purpose

We work with creative individuals, inventors, entrepreneurs and companies to help them bring ideas to market..

NUVATEC facilitates the development of any idea by assisting its owner through the various evaluation, decision and manufacturing steps, eventually leading to the creation and commercialisation of a new or improved product.

We are not an "Invention Promotion Firm" nor are we an "Invention Marketing Company". We do not finance, licence or buy your invention. We assist you in its realisation.

To see the fields in which we can help, please visit our "What we do" and "what we don't do" pages.

Provide professional and timely support in all our fields of expertise to enable our customers to take well informed decisions at every step of the realisation of their invention.

Develop and maintain a partner's relationship with inventors as opposed to just a service provider to customer type of relation.

We can help you with...

Preliminary phase - From idea to prototype

  • Feasibility study from an engineering stand point and recommendations
  • Elaboration of technical drawings and CAD files for 3D virtual modelling and prototyping
  • Development of electronic circuits (traditional or SMT)
  • Fabrication of prototypes (plastic & metal parts, electronics etc.)
  • Prototype testing and recommendations for corrections

Pre-production phase - Cost evaluation

  • Quotation requests for manufacturing the product (plastic moulds, metal parts, electronics, packaging, assembly etc.)
  • Recommendations for the selection of quoting manufacturers based on an evaluation and reliability study
  • Negotiations with the selected manufacturers regarding all terms and conditions
  • Final price and production planning submission for your final decision whether or not to manufacture the product

Production phase - Soon to market. Congratulations!

  • Elaboration of final production documents and instructions, transmission to manufacturers
  • Supervision of the production of tooling (e.g. moulds, stamping tools...)
  • Evaluation of pre-production prototypes submitted by the manufacturers. Assembly testing
  • Negotiations with manufacturers regarding corrections and modifications of tooling if required
  • Elaboration of packaging artwork and other presentation material
  • Monitoring and quality control of all parts in production, including product assembly and packaging
  • Shipping arangements to your port of entry if manufactured outside your country (Free On Board)

We also provide services such as establishing a Web presence for your product (website), attending trade shows and fairs, translating documents from/to English, French, German, Italian and Spanish, etc.

We do not...

get involved in the following fields :

  • Market research, in-depth market studies
  • Project financing, searches for financing sources
  • Customs and duty clearance at port of entry
  • Marketing and advertising campaigns
  • Promotion, distribution and sales
  • Logistics and warehousing
  • Patent request filing, litigation settlements
  • Work on projects in the fields of chemistry, biotechnologies, foodstuff and the like.

The tasks listed above do not belong to our fields of expertise. They require resources that you will only find in specialised offices.

Working with us

Please note:
We demand that our customers hold a patent for their invention or that they have at least filed a patent request with an official patent office prior to disclosing their invention's details to us.

We only work on non-protected products if the latter was regarded as non-patentable by a registered patent professional or if the client renounces in writing, filing a patent request at a later stage of development. The manufacturing of simple and standard parts may escape this rule.

NUVATEC is essentially an engineering office. We have no factory or production units of any kind.

In the first stage of development, we work with our in-house resources. We interact with you in order to refine your idea to make it technically feasible, economically profitable and commercially attractive. In the later stages of development we act as a gateway between you and the industry which will manufacture the prototype and eventually mass produce the final goods. In other words, we activate our industry connections and sub-contract the production tasks to them.

Two ways to use our services:

  • You can either hire us to do all or any of the tasks listed on our "What we do" page. In this case, you manage the flow of events and get involved in every stage requiring a decision.
  • Or, after you have approved the final prototype, you can request from us a quotation for manufacturing a minimum order quantity of the finished product. If our quotation is accepted, we handle all subsequent steps at our expense and deliver your order at the date and price agreed upon.

We reserve the right to decline working on certain projects or on parts of them in particular if the tasks involved do not match our fields of expertise.

NUVATEC does not disclose its client list, nor does it publish or disclose information about the products it has worked on.

Invention = The creation
of something in the mind

An idea does not have to belong to the rocket science category to be called an invention. Look around you! How would our lives be without simple things like bottle caps, paper clips and staples, zippers or light bulbs ? All these great ideas were patented by their respective inventors who often received significant royalty payments for it. Furthermore, an idea does not have to be a totally new concept. Improvements brought to an existing object or process can be considered as an invention and thus be patentable.

Before engaging further, consider that bringing an idea to market is a time consuming process and that it has a cost. The first phase of a mid-size project may require the best part of $8'000 to $10'000. If you have such funds and are enthusiastic about your idea, then we encourage you to pursue it and take it to the next step.

Most importantly

Keep your idea confidential ! Do not disclose your concept to anyone outside the circle of people you trust. Do not publish documents, and avoid showing prototypes. If you do, chances are that someone steals your idea and exploits it to one's own benefit. There is also the risk that your disclosed invention be considered as public knowledge (belonging to the public domain), thus depriving you of your rights to protect it.

Is it patentable ?

Only a patent professional can answer this question. Get in touch with a reliable registered patent attorney in your area. This office will advise you about the patenting process and the costs involved, conduct in-depth searches for the "prior art", make drawings, write-up claims and file a patent request. Simultaneously, you can contract a market research company in order to evaluate the size of the market your product is directed at. Establish a business plan.

Prototype or not

Even though presenting a working model is not required to request or obtain a patent, it is strongly recommended to make a prototype of your invention. This will come in handy when contacting financial partners or negotiating rights and royalties with third parties.

Now what ?

With your patent (or filed patent request) in hand and the information gathered above, you can negotiate your intellectual property rights with interested parties as you wish. You can sell the protective rights all together, negotiate with manufacturers on a royalty basis, grant licenses or decide to exploit the patent choosing to manufacture the product yourself.

In any case, the prior protection of your intellectual property is essential.

Links and Miscellanea

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Patent & Trademark Offices

USPTO - United States Patent and Trademark Office

EPO - European Patent Office

WIPO - World Intellectual Property Organisation

Patent related database search

USPTO Patent Full-Text and Image Database - ** see under "Utilities"

EPO Worldwide Patent Search with esp@cenet

WIPO Patent, Design and Trademark search search free, comprehensive resource another free patent search site

Registered Attorneys and Agents search

US registered attorneys and agents (USPTO listing)

European patent attorneys and agents (EPO listing)

Lawyers by Location & Practice Area (courtesy of

Exhibitions, Fairs and Trade Shows

International Exhibition of Inventions (Geneva, Switzerland)
Apparently the world's most attended Inventors' annual exhibition

Exhibitions, Trade Shows and Conferences Worlwide
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Inventions related websites and forums

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** AlternaTIFF - A free plugin to see and save USPTO patent images.
For Win32, all major browsers. This is a must have! Thanks to "Medical Informatics Engineering, Inc.". Site licences are available on the website.

Other free image utilities can be found here (untested by us):
PatentMailer (Un*x-like systems)
pat2pdf (Un*x-like systems)
innoVUE / interneTIFF (Win32)

Did you know?
If you had filed a patent request in Switzerland between 1902 and 1909, there were many chances that your request may have ended up on Albert Einstein's desk !

But then again: everything is relative...
  • Inventors' forums, bulletin boards and newgroups are undoubtedly useful Web resources. When participating in them, remember that disclosing too much about your invention could deprive you of your intellectual property rights. Don't let anyone steal your idea or don't let your idea fall into the public domain!
  • Many "Invention Promotion" firms and "Invention Marketing" companies can be found on the Web. Unfortunately, there are reports that some of them cannot be fully trusted. If you plan to use such services, please read this page and also this one. Beware!


NUVATEC-SARL is a "Project Facilitating" Company located in the Lake Geneva region of Switzerland.

NUVATEC was founded in 2003 to facilitate the difficult and lengthy quest that Inventors have to make in order to find reliable international production resources. We essentially work with Inventors from the Americas and Europe. We produce items on all continents, Asia being on the rise.


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